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Indecisive Icon Graphics
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the c o m m u n i t y.

Welcome to indecisive_icon, icons and other goodies by themoooly. Please feel free to comment on entries, friend this journal, nominate icons and generally inflate my ego ♥

I will be posting mainly icons, but there will be FO banners, headers, wallpapers and other goodies posted from time to time and, if I forget, you can always poke me in a comment to remind me. Everything is archived in the tags section. If you have a suggestion on what I should post a batch on next, please include it in one of your comments (yes, I read every single one of them, even if I don’t reply) and I may take the suggestion up.

Before indecisive_icon, I posted my graphics and such under the name luosxterces.

This community was created on the 4th November 2007 (also known as my 17th birthday). The name indecisive_icon was the result of much discussion on the graphics forum Pandora’s Closet in which I finally decided that, since I couldn’t pick a name, indecisive_icon might be appropriate. ^_____^

the m a k e r.

My name is Molly and I’m a 17 year old female from England. I’ve been making graphics since October of 2005, first on PS7 and then on PSC2. I've been a member of a graphics forum called The Dark Arts since July/August 2005. I was promoted to Staff Artist in May 2006. I am also a Staff Artist at graphics forum, Pandora’s Closet. In real life I enjoy reading, writing, drinking coffee, watching Grey’s Anatomy/Spooks/various other shows, shopping and talking ♥

the r u l e s.

There aren’t many rules in this journal, to be perfectly honest, and I know that I have no way of searching the whole of livejournal each day to make sure they’re upheld (not that I’d want to anyway, the idea makes me feel a little ill). Anyway – these are more common courtesies than rules and I would be grateful if you’d take note of them:

    • Please don’t claim any of my graphics as your own or redistribute them anywhere without my express permission.

    • Please don’t modify my graphics in any way (by adding text, borders or anything of the like).

    • Please credit me. Icon credit can go in your userpic comments as such, banners can be credited in your user info and resources can just go in your resource post.

    • Please don’t hotlink/direct link my graphics or they’ll all disappear.

    • Please don’t flame me. Constructive criticism is appreciated and encouraged, blatant flaming is not.
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